The Proper Way to Pressure Wash a Deck

We are often cleaning property decks as a part of our services and we use the services of a local window washing company to get the job done correctly. You can learn more about the company we use by visiting their website >

Wooden decks tend to become old and weathered over time. While deck sealers restore the original look, the spark quickly fades especially if applied before cleaning. Pressure washing decks rid off all the grime and grunge making it look as good as new prior applying deck sealers or paint.

Here’s how:

1) Wear protective gear
Pressure washers are known to cause thousands of injuries annually thus the need for protective gear; long pants, protective glasses, and sturdy footwear.

2) Plan
Assess the project and determine the appropriate spray pattern. Sweep away any leaves or debris and cover nearby light fixtures and electrical components before cleaning; it helps reveal tough stains caused by tree sap, or mildew. It is also important to assess the location of fragile objects like light fixtures and windows that can get destroyed by the powerful water stream. Be sure to work in the direction that the water drains.

3) Choose a nozzle
Nozzles are attached at the end of the pressure washing baton usually connected by the hose. The nozzle determines the water pressure such that the smallest opening delivers the most power. Most pressure washing machines have nozzles specially made for cleaning decks, but homeowners may peruse the owner’s manual for help in choosing the right nozzle (some pressure washing models come with all-in-one adjustable nozzles which you can adjust with a simple twist). Manufacturers advise using PSI of 2400 to 2600; higher pressure may damage the deck. Low pressure allows a thorough clean as long as you use quality wood cleaner.

4) Apply a deck cleaner
Deck cleaners loosen any embedded dirt on the surface. Fill up the pressure washer’s dispenser with the cleanser following the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual. Install the nozzle at the tip of the pressure washer wand, start the machine and distribute the cleaner throughout the surface. You may use a stiff brush to clean between railings and tight corners.

5) Washing the deck
Power up the pressure washing decks machine, moving it along the grain of the wood in broad sweeping movements. The nozzle should be 3-4 feet away from the surface. When you are done, turn the machine off.

6) Re-apply the wood stain
Wood cleaners tend to be acidic thus raise the wood’s PH. When the wood is clean, use a neutralizer like a quality wood sealer to lower the PH. You can only apply the sealer when the deck is dry (moisture level is less than 10%). You may use a moisture meter or wait a few days for the deck to dry.

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